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April 2016
April Newsletter 2016

Pil Seung
1st April 2016 - No.4

Just remember that despite the warm weather it is very important that you all bring coats with you. Often the air temperature drops rapidly in the evenings. Spring also means rain! Coats please ladies and gentlemen.

The coloured belt grading will be held on the Sunday 24th of April at the Barnsbury Primary School, Almond Avenue, Woking, GU22 0BB.

The format for the day will run to a new timetable, shown below:

12:00pm - All duty instructors arrived and ready/ time for lunch and pre grading briefing.
12.10pm - Line up, pledge & principles
12.15pm - Brown, Red & purple belts
12.55pm - Blue, Green & Orange belts
01.25pm - Gold & Yellow belts
01.55pm - White belts

Grading results will be given at the end of each group testing.
All people who remain on the confirmed list must return their grading application form with payment no later than the 24th of the month.
Failure to attend the grading without 48 hours prior notification will result in 50% of the prepaid grading fee being lost. Application forms can be obtained from your Chief Instructors.


M. Pierrot M. Abid P. Johnston
C. Carter E. Blake I. Abid
B. Shuti A. Shuti Br. Shuti
S. Deilamy K. Findlay P. Edgington
C. Booth L. Fantham M. Uzair
E. Deilamy E. Bainbridge M. Roberts
S. Redstone E. Martin D. Redstone
H. Minhas

If you think you should be on the grading list and are not, please let your instructor know ASAP.
NB. Master Brophy, Master Roberts, Kwangjangnim Preston or any of the 3rd Dan Chief Instructors makes all final decisions regarding grading.

Please can all students and instructors alike take note that without a valid insurance you will not be permitted to train. Also we need you to bring in your old licences at the time you renew as we now work directly with the insurance providers and need your number from the previous insurance slip

I. Abid M. Abid C. Edwards
M. Uzair M. Whiteside B. Hillman 
J. Waheed C. Booth R. Harrison
S. Edwards T. Glass R. Syed
L. Fantham K. Findlay

As explained in class you have no cover until your form and payment reach the insurers. Hence these need to be renewed about 4 weeks in advance in a batched lot.

It’s back and busier than ever. The Black Belt Academy class is on the Sunday 24th d of April at 11am at the Barnsbury Primary School. The competition returns for this year. Don’t miss out on receiving your new BBA card and learning the new techniques for this quarter.

This will be held on Sunday 24th of April. We will be continuing to cover teaching skills; It has been requested that the breakdown for each technique be covered, this month all beginner curriculum techniques.

We need two passport photographs for your grading cards and student file. These are essential especially for gradings when instructors from visiting schools are on the examining table.

E. Langford A. Arun E. Riley
D. Nicholson

The senior class is on Sunday 1st of May at 12 o’clock. Master Brophy will be teaching improved stretching, how to develop your speed and power in your techniques, more close range and knife defence techniques. Please remember that this is a self-funding class, and there is a £5 attendance fee.

This class is on Sunday 1st of May at 10am. After the success of the January class and much positive feedback Master Brophy has decided to make the Ladies class open to all ladies who are not even students again. Ladies if you have friends who want to learn some basic and advanced self-defence techniques please bring them along. It will only cost them a few hours of their time and a £5 attendance fee.

You can partner your friend for the session. We will be covering defence techniques whilst on the floor, knife defences and close range techniques.

Please remember that this is a self-funding class and there is a £5 attendance fee.

This class is on Sunday 1st of May at 2pm. Master Brophy will be teaching of intermediate rank techniques. There is no charge for this class and is for Instructors of all belt ranks.

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