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Michael Scrimshaw ( Basingstoke (Choi Kwang Do) , England ) 22-09-2012

Pil Seung!

Surrey Choi Kwang Do is now home to Master (6th Degree black belt) Brophy who successfully tested in Atlanta this week. On behalf of Basingstoke Choi Kwang Do, I would like to extend our congratulations on a fantastic achievement, you are an inspiration to us all.

Pil Seung

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 17-09-2012

Pil Seung - Many thanks to everyone at Surrey CKD who made my 3rd Dan test an amazing occasion.
I would like to congratulate Mr Scrimshaw on a fantastic job of organising and floor calling. Thank you to the examiners, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to my Fellow Dan Rank Graders. It was a pleasure and honour to share the floor with you.
Many thanks once again :o)
Karen Bicknell :)

Emilia Freegard ( cheam , unighted kingdon ) 22-08-2012

Pil Seung Master Brophy. I would like to send my best wishes for good luck to your 6th Dan Test, I hope everything goes well Sir.
Emilia Freegard

Emilia Freegard ( Sutton , Unighted Kindom ) 16-08-2012

Pil Seuhng Master Brophy Instructors and students, I hope you all are enjoying your CKD training.
Best wishes


Master Nigel Brophy ( Surrey CKD , UK ) 05-06-2012

AWESOME! WEDNESDAY 30TH OF MAY. Students at the 6pm (especially) and the 7pm classes rocked. You gave it your all and you were all superb! Keep up the great work!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 14-05-2012

Pil seung
Many thanks to Master Brophy, Instructors and Students of Surrey CKD for another amazing Ladies and Senior Class.
Really enjoyed both Classes and I know our Students had a great time too.
Looking forward to the next one already.
Kind regards
Karen Bicknell

Julie Prescott ( Hayling Island , England ) 07-01-2012

Pil suhng Sir, just would like to say thanks for all your help and support over the years. Good luck for March/April 2012

Rasheeda Syed ( UK ) 11-12-2011

Finally made it to Black Belt... have to say a massive thank you to Master Brophy for running every class with amazing energy and focus Kwanjinim Scrimshaw for teaching perfect techniques and Sabonim O'Brien for doing a great job in my white belt intro lessons which got me hooked.

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 18-09-2011


I would like to congratulate everyone who tested for IL Dan, EE Dan and Sam Dan today. What an amazing testing, lots of energy and focus. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Congratulations also to everyone who tag graded too. So much effort, it was a pleasure to watch.
Well done and Pil suhng :o)
Mrs B x

Emilia Freegard ( Sutton ) 09-06-2011

Pil Suhng Master Brophy! I just would like to say many thanks for having me in your CKD. Tonight it was another amazing training and I really enjoyed myself!

Pil Suhng and best wishes!

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