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Michael Scrimshaw ( Surrey ) 22-09-2009

Pil suhng all,

Well what a great time had by all on Sunday. Many congratulations to the Dan rank candidates, it is never an easy feat, well done. Id also like to personally thank all who were able to make it to (and those who contributed) to the celebratation of Master Brophys 20 year dedication of Choi Kwang Do. Pil suhng.


Joshua King ( Surrey , United Kingdom ) 21-09-2009

Pil Suhng, well done to everyone who graded at yesterdays Black belt grading. A big well done to Mr.Barton-Wright who achieved 3rd dan. And also congratulations to Master Brophy once again for 20 years in Choi Kwang Do,
Pil Suhng

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 21-09-2009


What an amazing day we had on Sunday. An outstanding Black Belt Grading with everyone putting in so much effort and dedication. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Congratulations to Mr Barton-Wright on his promotion to 3rd Dan, and congratulations to Mr Console-Verma and Rebecca Lardner (HantsCKD) on their promotions to 2nd Dan.

The cake as always was fabulous and well worth all the hard work!

Then for the "main event!"
The suprise celebration for Master Brophy's awesome achievement - 20 years in Choi Kwang Do.
Many thanks to Mr Scrimshaw for putting on such a fabulous party. We all really enjoyed ourselves and were very proud to be part of this remarkable celebration. Thank you to all who contributed to make the day one to remember.
Master B - you are an true inspiration and a HUGE pil suhng from us all in Hampshire CKD.
Look forward to seeing you all again real soon.
Pil suhng and best wishes
Mrs B ;o)

Steve Dempsey ( Old Woking , UK ) 09-09-2009

As an ex instructor in CKD and having been involved in Martial Arts for 37 years, as a student,instructor,fighter and judge in some of the top UK events including Cage Rage, Ultimate Combat and Totalfight events and a veteren of UK Mixed Martial Arts I would like to add my support to CKD. During my short time of being involved in CKD many years ago I found the people involved in CKD to be dedicated and honest. Although I decided to move into other fields I have always had good memories of those times, especially my visit to Atlanta to train with the Grand Master. Good Luck to the Woking CKD, as I am only around the corner I would love to visit a grading at some time and re-live some old memories. All the best to all the CKD people...

Tracey Meeten ( CKD Browns Bay , New Zealand ) 06-08-2009

To Master Brophy and your instructors and students who we were privileged to train with in Woking in July, thank you so much for your warm welcome and fun classes. We learnt alot to bring home with us and our students are having fun with some of the new drills we have for them. All the best and hopefully we may see some of you again one day. It is "only" a 26 hour flight to NZ and you are always welcome. Pil Suhng

Mrs Emilia Freegard ( Sutton & Cheam ) 19-07-2009

Pil Suhng to all. Master Brophy. Many congratulations on becoming a member of the international faculty board!

Mrs Emilia Freegard

Simon O'Brien 23-06-2009

Pil Suhng. Yet another fantastic black belt grading. Congratulations to the dan rank candidates and all the tag ranks, you should all be very proud of yourselves. The support from everyone there was execellent, as was the cake. PIL SUHNG!

Michael Scrimshaw 22-06-2009

Pil suhng!

What an awesome day had by all on Sunday, 5 new 1st dans and 3 new 2nd dans. If that wasnt enough to swallow, then the cake would have put the finishing touches on that one. It was very impressive that everyone came down to surport the dan and tag ranks.

Pil suhng to all of you

Kyosanim Steve Wells 22-06-2009

Thanks for all of your help today guys & gals in helping me achieve my IL Dan. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed it. Congratulations to all that Graded.
Hope to see you all soon

Pil Suhng

Joshua King ( Surrey , United Kingdom ) 21-06-2009

A big Pil Suhng to all the black belts who graded today at Woking! Including myself, also a big well done to everyone who graded for their first dan and second dan. Pil Suhng

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