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Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 21-06-2009

Pil Suhng, Congratulations to everyone on yet another fantastic Black Belt grading. Best wishes to you all. Mrs B

Simon O,Brien 09-06-2009

Pil Suhng guys! Well what can i say about sunday...? It was an absolutely brilliant day, and i hope everyone had as much fun as i did. A big Pil Suhng to the Ellis demo team, and our demo team, who all performed brilliantly(good job guys), and how can we forget the lovely cake! looking forward to more fun days. Pil Suhng

Mr & Mrs Ellis ( Redhill ) 09-06-2009

Pil Suhng Surrey CKD!
Thank you Master Brophy and your amazing team of instructors and students for supporting the Fun Day raising funds for Malaria foundation International.
With SurreyCKD, HampshireCKD and EACKD Redhill we have raised over £1000. Exact total will soon be released on so please check it soon.
We would also like to thank the Demo Team for an outstanding performance. Great job everyone!
Pil Suhng!

William jones ( Surry CKD , UK ) 08-06-2009

Pil suhng.I had a great time at the malaria fun day.
I would like to say thanks to everyone who organized it and helped out.
and a big pil suhng to everyone who tuned up and raised the money.
Hope to have more fun days soon.
Pil suhng.

Dave Meadon ( Woking , UK ) 08-06-2009

Pil Suhng all - great fun, excellent demos, great to see some new faces from the other schools. And all in a good cause. Ever-so slightly perturbed by the guys with yellow toe-nails though :-). Thanks to all that organised the event.
Pil Suhng.

Katie Meadon 08-06-2009

Pil Suhng everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent day on Sunday.
Congrats to the Ellis Academy's demo team, and thanks for all the support we recieved with ours :)
Hopefully there will be many more charity Choi days to come.
(Plus cake of course)
Pil Suhng guys!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 08-06-2009

Pil suhng,

I would just like to say, what a fabulous day I had at the Malaria Funday.
I really enjoyed the Demo teams. Outstanding job - well done.
It is a pleasure meeting up with other CKD schools and training with you all.
What a great way of doing CKD and raising money for a very worth while cause.
Thanks to Master Brophy, Mr Scrimshaw and Mr Barton-Wright for having their nails painted. Pil suhng!
Thanks again for a great fun day, and tasty cake.
Look forward to seeing all the photos ;o)
Best wishes to you all - Pil suhng
Mrs B

Joshua King ( Surrey , United Kingdom ) 07-06-2009

Pil suhng to all those at the Malaria fun day at Redhill today! On behalf of Surrey demo team pil suhng

Michael Scrimshaw 07-06-2009

Pil suhng! Well, the malaria fun day was great, certainly worth going to. I liked the variety of activities throughout the day and the buzz of energy that came from everyone there. I thought it concluded nicely with the rewards and cake at the end

Pil suhng!

Michael Scrimshaw 17-05-2009

Pil suhng, Well what a cracking Snr class today, really enjoyed it, it was great seeing all the snrs from ecah of the schools. Heres to more snr classes and snrs further down the line. Pil suhng!

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