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Rasheeda Syed ( UK ) 06-04-2009

My sincere thanks to Simon O'Brien and the 2 assistant instructors for taking such good care of me during my introduction session on Saturday in Woking. Their patience and support has inspired me to sign up to what I imagine will be a long and exciting journey.

Pil Suhng

Phil Redstone ( Surrey , UK ) 29-03-2009

Pil Suhng. Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Black Belt grading last Sunday. There was a great new format to the day and loads of cake at the end. I can't wait 'til June!

Joshua King 29-03-2009

Well done to everyone who graded last sunday at the blackbelt grading!
Pil suhng

Michael Scrimshaw ( Surrey ) 26-03-2009

Pil suhng everyone!

What a successful grading on Sunday. May it be the first of 4 fantastic Black belt testing for 2009.

Pil suhng

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 23-03-2009

Pil Suhng,

Congratulations Master Brophy on your biggest Black Belt testing to date.

What a fabulous day we had on Sunday at the Black Belt grading. We are still on a high from all the energy and enthusiasm, and of course the excellent cake.
You may need a larger one for the next grading in June Sir!! ;O)as things can only get BIGGER!
Congratulations to all who tested for Il Dan, EE Dan and stripes. You should all be really proud of yourselves.

Pil suhng
Mrs B

Master Nigel Brophy ( Surrey , UK ) 22-03-2009

Pil Suhng and well done to the nearly 60 Black Belt students and instructors who took part in the Black Belt Testing in Woking today. All of you from the Surrey and Hampshire schools who tested today, came down early to help those testing for their Dan rank Testings i was proud of you all. Your energy and enthusiasm was fantastic! Keep up the great work! Thank you also to all the families who came along and shared in the days events and gave their support. Of course the champions of the day were Kwangjangnim Scrimshaw and Sabumnim O'Brien for their outstanding cake eating skills! Pil Suhng!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 15-02-2009

Pil suhng,
Many thanks to Master Brophy for another awesome Ladies and Senior session. I really enjoy coming up from the sunny south coast to be part of these sessions.
If you weren't there you missed a great class.
Thanks again Sir, Pil suhng

Mrs B

Michael Scrimshaw 08-02-2009

Pil suhng everybody,

just a quick one for all the new Ai's, welcome aboard the team. Your contributions will be a valuable asset to the classes and your own training. Special thanks also goes to Master Brophy for another inspiring and educational day.

Pil suhng!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 02-01-2009

Pil Suhng, to all at Surrey CKD.

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to training/grading with you in 2009.
With love and Best wishes.
Karen & Derek Bicknell and all at Hampshire CKD.

Raniero Del Federico ( Buenos Aires , Argentina ) 21-12-2008

This is a video to honour every CKD school around the world and the work of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi, who has united with his Martial Art so many different cultures and countries.With this little gift we sincerely want to remind all of you that in our school, CEO Choi Kwang Do Argentina, we all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. PIL SUHNG!!!

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