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Guy Nzamba ( Atlanta , USA ) 14-08-2008

Pil suhng Master Brophy and the Surrey Choi Kwang Do school!! Wow, I think it is my first time on your website. It is looking great and really neat, easy to navigate!! I wish I had time to train at your school when I was there for the seminar. Pil suhng to all of you!!!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 05-08-2008

Pil Suhng,

Many thanks to Master Brophy, and some of the Surrey CKD Instructors and Students for coming to our soggy BBQ on the beach. In true CKD spirit the BBQ went ahead.

Many thanks also to Master Brophy for teaching the Hampshire CKD Ladies some new techniques in our Ladies only class on Monday Morning. Sir you are a true inspiration to us all and we always look forward to training with you. Pil suhng Sir.

Mrs B

Rose ( Haylng Island , UK ) 04-08-2008

Pil Suhng
Big thanks to Master B for taking the ladies class this morning.

Greg Mc Gowan ( Chessington , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND ) 23-06-2008

Many Thanks to all at Surrey CKD for yesterdays grading. I & all my fellow students enjoyed it very much. And yes Master would be an honour to accept your invitation for some extra ciricular training. Pil Suhng.

Master Nigel Brophy 22-06-2008

Pil Suhng! Well done and congratulations to all the students who graded at yesterday's Black Belt grading. You have all come a long way and have exceeded yourselves. You should ALL be very proud of a job well done. Thank you very much to the other black belt students,  leadership program black belts and instructors who came along to help the day run so well. Pil Suhng.

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , uk ) 22-06-2008

Pil Suhng.

Congratulations to all of the students who tested for Il Dan today. You all did an outstanding job.
Well done.
Mrs Bicknell

Sarah Garnett ( Surrey , England ) 31-05-2008

Well done everybody who graded (especially Rachel!) and everybody in the Seminar and demo teams. The banquet was brilliant! Really fun weekend!

Greg Mc Gowan ( Chessington , UK ) 27-05-2008

Thank you Mr Glossop for a superb day of training today at Woking & Farnborough. You as ever delivered a superb class which was most appreciated. Can't wait for Chessington on Tuesday!

Angie Wilson ( Cartersville, GA , USA ) 30-04-2008

Pil Suhng!
Just wanted to say thank you to all that made us feel so welcomed while we were in England! The demo teams did an awesome job and the seminar was incredible as well! Anyone who missed it, missed a great opportunity! My husband, Michael and I had a wonderful stay in England and are looking forward to returning!
Pil Suhng and thank you Mr. Scrimshaw for your hospitality when we were at the airport also!
Look forward to seeing you all again soon!
Pil Suhng!

Karen Bicknell ( Hayling Island , UK ) 30-04-2008

Pil Suhng.
I would like to congratulate all of the Surrey students who successfully graded for their different Black Belt ranks. You guys are a true inspiration and is an honour to able to train with you.
Mr Callaghan would look superb in "A Black Dobok!"
Thanks to Master Brophy for all his hard work and energy throughout the past week. We are so grateful to be part of his extended CKD Family.
Many Thanks to all at Surrey CKD Pil Suhng.
Karen Bicknell

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