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Choi Kwang Do offers an extensive range of programs to help develop every individual to the best of their personal ability. Man, woman, boy or girl of any age group, we have the program for you.

The unique 10 component system of Choi Kwang Do is designed to develop everyones quality of life both mentally and physically. Combined with proven practical, effective techniques it is a powerful health and self defence system.

Choi Kwang Do is an excellent training system for children. Teaching respect, discipline, good interactive and communication skills; Choi Kwang Do also greatly helps to advance a childs ability to focus, concentrate and learn because of the unique bi-lateral movements that have been proven to develop the growth of the neural pathways in the brain. Terrific for children with ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxia and just lots of energy.

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After a year of training, children will be inducted into Choi Kwang Do's unparalleled Black Belt Academy/Club program.

 This exciting program is a lot of fun for the younger student and brings to the children an understanding of greater responsibility and respect from their peers as they are further trained in advanced techniques, whilst preparing them for the rank of Black Belt and from time to time under supervision they are allowed to teach or demonstrate a drill to their fellow Black Belt Academy students. Their efforts are monitored across each calender year and they have the chance to win some great achievement prizes at the end of the year in recognition of their positive accomplishments.

If a child student has been exceptional in their achievements in the Black Belt Academy they will be selected to enter the Leadership Program.

This is a highly fulfilling program for children as they begin to have a little greater responsibility in a class of their peers, always leading by example and being role models to inspire their fellow students. This is a step towards being an instructor of the future (although they do not have to become an instructor if they do not choose too).

Assistant Instructors will be able to attend specially designed training workshops, so they can further develop both their martial arts and teaching skills. All our Instructors are professionally trained and highly qualified to provide students with the ultimate training in self defence.

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